I’m convinced that any of us can find ways to help solve the many seemingly unsolvable problems facing our society, and a local surgery clinic proves the point.

        In response to the problems our returning service members are having in getting medical care from the VA, the Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center in Tigard will donate one day each quarter to provide free surgical and medical services to vets who have pressing medical problems and  who meet basic qualifications for outpatient care.  They’ll work with veterans’ groups to identify eligible candidates.      

        Even better, they’re inviting other docs and clinics to do the same.  The program is called, “Save Our Veterans:   Surgery Assistance for Veterans”.  You can hear our interview with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Edelson about it here or check their website,




        Former US Senator and Secretary of the Navy James Webb (gee – do I call him “Senator” or “Mr. Secretary”??) has had amazing success in life and is a highly decorated combat veteran.  Sounds like his background makes him an ideal Presidential candidate and there are reports he is mulling a campaign.   His book is “I HEARD MY COUNTRY CALL”, and we shall see if he feels “called” to the White House.  


        How many times have you heard in life, “Don’t fool yourself!”?  Well, a Morning Update guest this week says that’s absolutely wrong, that fooling ourselves can actually lead to great success in business, school, name it.  Joseph T.Hallinan told us about his book, “KIDDING OURSELVES” – The Hidden Power of Self-Deception, and makes a good case for fully buying into  things about us that may not be true.  


        Talk to you in the morning, when once again I’ll be playing the role of best morning news show host in America, and believing it!!