Favorite Video of the Week:

        It’s happened to me maybe a half dozen times in a long career in television and radio – finding something so funny while live on the air that I simply couldn’t go on, couldn’t speak.  I’ll write about the best of those here someday, but as I’ve always told my four sons, some of the best laughs in life are the laughs that circumstances don’t allow you to have.

        And the best recent example of this was on Australia’s version of the Today Show.  It needs no further set-up. 


Passionate Listener Skunks Us.

         Because most of us are so, well, vanilla, I’ve developed a real liking for people who are passionate about what they do.  And I think we heard from one such person during Friday’s show.

My producer/partner Cort Webber was reporting on the rattlesnake found in the Portland Trailblazer locker room prior to their Thursday playoff game in San Antonio.  I responded that maybe we should find a skunk to put in the Spurs locker room at the Moda Center before game-three.

         That brought an immediate email from listener Wally who said he could deliver a skunk straight away, which I jokingly mentioned on-air.  Then came a second email from Wally saying he was serious.   Apparently he routinely traps skunks for neighbors in his area and releases them in national forests.  Dropping one or more off in the Spurs locker room would, Wally wrote, “save me a lot of diesel fuel in relocation expense.”

          You gotta love it.  Could have been the biggest stink I’ve been involved with since The Whale, but we just couldn’t do that to the Spurs!



Friday Authors:

       JEFFREY BLAND, PHD,  is a mentor to the likes of TV’s Dr. Oz, and the world’s foremost authority on something called Functional Medicine.  He estimates he’s traveled more than six million miles around the world meeting with the most brilliant leaders in the health science field, teaching them a new model of healthcare.   The research behind his theories shows that we don’t have to live with chronic disease and we can escape what was previously thought of as our genetic fate.

       Find the questions you should be asking your own doctor in his book, “THE DISEASE DELUSION”,  subtitle, “Conquering the causes of chronic illness for a healthier, longer and happier life.”


he Disease Delusion Book Cover 


       JOEL WARNER is the journalist who co-authored, with marketing and psychology professor Peter McGraw, the book which concluded Portland is the 5th funniest city in the U.S.  The book’s title is “The Humor Code:  A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny”.  Joel was in Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and while I’m afraid that our Morning Update interview yet again  proved a personal theory – that talking about funny is never funny – I personally found his conclusions about what actually makes people laugh to be very surprising.




Kiss mom.  Talk to you Monday morning...