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With the news of ‪#‎JoanRivers‬ breaking this week I was reminded of a remarkably kind gesture she made to me and to my mom who was dying of cancer at the time. She called my mom at the hospital to cheer her up. The nurses didn't believe it at first but Joan has a way of convincing people. Because of her my mom was moved into LBJ's former presidential suite at Bergstrom Air Force Base Hospital in Austin. There is no better medicine that someone can give someone near the end of their life than laughter and that she did. And I will always be grateful.

The day of her funeral I flew back to New York from Austin to do Joan's show the next day. Our wonderful producer Jama Podell-Vitale put me up in a suite at the Plaza Hotel. And Joan gave me the most beautiful peptalk the next day. She said shortly after her mother died she was back on stage in Vegas. She said you have to get back on the saddle and get back on with life. She said that is what my mom told her when they had their talks.The only people freaking out that morning were the make up folks because we were about to go on live and we both had tears in our eyes.

Also I slept in accidentally one day while doing a remote for the show in Los Angeles. Joan was pretty pissed off and I was fired for 30 minutes. But I got a call to get my butt to the studio to appear at the end of the show. My present was a brand-new alarm clock! LOL I used it well. I am still not a morning person.