This photo was taken at the White House Christmas party in 1985. At one point I wanted to get some fresh air so I went out on the front porch of the White House. That is the same front steps where the body of John Kennedy came in shortly after he was gunned down and same steps where incoming and outgoing presidents head for inaugurations. As my friend lit up a smoke a familiar voice over my shoulder said "Do you mind if we join you?" I should have seen something coming since guys in suits were speed walking by us. I turned and said "Sure Mr Vice President!" He and Mrs. Bush were also feeling a little stuffy in the party. We had a mutual friend and talked about her and also our Christmas plans. 

We didn't talk politics as that is what we both did for a living but we just talked about every day life. He is a good and decent man who lives life to the fullest. I hope at 90 I have half the gusto that he manages to squeeze in by noon!