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Harlem Globetrotter His Amazing Shot

From 110 feet in the air one of the Harlem Globetrotters nail a nothing but net basket.
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Jet Pack Power For Golf Cart

Martian Aircraft has designed a new jet pack, but it's use on a golf course is unlikely.
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Tiger Attacks Woman At Wildlife Park

A woman was attacked by a tiger at a wildlife park in China. The woman's mother was killed.
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Hubble Releases Image For Trekkies

The Hubble Space Telescope releases Frontier Field image.
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NYPD Cops Hailed As Heroes

When what appeared to be a bomb was thrown into an NYPD car in Times Square the officers calmly drove it out away from the crowd.
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Skiing Colorado's 50 Highest Peaks

There are no ski lifts where these skiers go. They have to climb to where they ski.
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Pokemon Go Driver Slams Police Car

An officer's body camera caught the crash and the driver still playing Pokemon Go.
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Man Flies Off Waterslide, Down Cliff

In Texas, David Salmon flew off a waterslide and down a 15-foot cliff.
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Robot Football Players Can't Play Forever

Just like your home computer technology changes and robot football players can't keep going forever.
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Oldest Mail Boat In The Country

The Sophie C. is the oldest mail boat remaining in the country and continues to work on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.
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