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2016 KEX Kids Fund Radiothon


Ask just about any teacher or school counselor in the greater Portland area, and they’ll tell you all about the KEX Kids Fund!

Since 1987, we’ve provided examinations, eye glasses, hearing aids and the continuing care they require, to children whose families can’t afford to do so.  We at KEX are very proud of that.  While nearly all radio and television stations support many worthwhile charities, 1190 KEX in Portland is the only one I know of which actually meets an unmet need in our community by providing this service, free of charge.

And I’m just as proud that it’s our listeners who make it happen.  By donating to our annual on-air pledge drive over the Thanksgiving holiday, and through their participation in other events such as a golf tournament, music concerts and the like, we raise the necessary funds to keep the program running.

There’s another important set of great “givers” in our program, as well – the large network of optometrists, audiologists and other professionals who provide their services, basically, at cost.  It allows us to get a pair of glasses to a child for $125, and a hearing aid for $400.  If you’ve had to pay for either recently, you know how ridiculously low those prices are. For that matter, I don’t know of another charity which operates with a lower overhead than the KEX Kids Fund.  There’s very little red tape, and our delivery of the needed glasses or hearing aids takes just a couple of weeks throughout 16 counties of Oregon and southwest Washington.

As for those teachers and counselors I mentioned – they say they wouldn’t know what to do without the KEX Kids Fund, and that kids who previously had trouble in class due to vision or hearing problems, nearly always become outstanding classroom “achievers”. And for the kids we serve…thanks for helping change lives for the better, right here at home.

The KEX Kids Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  All donations are tax deductable.

The KEX Kids Fund is supported by the Sondland-Durant Foundation helping families, boosting communities.