Mt. Hood National Forest Drops Fire Restrictions

Due to increased moisture as well as cooler and shorter days, Mt. Hood National Forest has lifted its fire restrictions, effective Friday, October 6 at 12:01 a.m. Please continue to be careful with possible ignition sources as we still have dry conditions after months of very little rain.

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) have also been downgraded to Level I across the Forest. This allows firewood cutting and other activities requiring chainsaws and equipment to take place throughout the day.

This year Mt. Hood National Forest did not have any large fires. While weather, land management, Forest staff, and a number of factors contributed to this, we also want to thank you for your help. The vast majority of people observed fire restrictions, which helped our firefighters respond more quickly and effectively to small fires, keeping our surrounding communities safer.

Whatever the season, if you have a campfire remember to have plenty of water and a shovel on hand to stir the ashes. Make sure your campfire is cold to the touch before you leave it unattended. Remember: If it’s too hot to touch with your bare hands, it’s too hot to leave.

Fireworks and explosive materials are always prohibited on all national forests.

More fire safety tips are at:

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