WorkSource Oregon Offers New Resources For Veterans

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The Oregon Employment Department and WorkSource Oregon are proud to unveil the 541VETS, a digital library offering training and employment resources for Veterans, their Spouses, and other Covered Persons. The library will include short videos, podcasts, and other digital resources in order to provide Veterans with the maximum level of employment and training support.

Named for the 541 area code, 541VETS is resource for Veterans throughout Oregon, especially those in rural Oregon where some services are not as readily available. 541VETS focuses on improving equal access to high quality, supportive employment resources, regardless of physical location. Everyone using 541VETS has the opportunity to select the best resources for them. Then, for even more individualized assistance, they can contact their local WorkSource center and ask to speak with a Veterans representative. 

“The launch of 541VETS comes after over a year of dedication from our Veterans services staff, who worked tirelessly to supply workforce resources safely to Veterans during the pandemic. It was this need that sparked the idea to create this digital resource for those who may have barriers to physically visiting a WorkSource center, even in non-pandemic times,” said Jim Munger, the Jobs for Veterans’ State Grant (JVSG) Program Coordinator. “The beauty of this resource is that, though it’s targeted toward Veterans and other Covered Persons, civilians can also find value and help within it. 

The goals of 541VETS are to expand customer engagement, especially with those eligible for Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) services, and to improve efficiency in follow-up meetings with Veteran customers working on their individual development plans. 

“Veterans are an invaluable source of skill and talent in our statewide workforce,” said Jim Pfarrer, director of Workforce Operations. "We are excited to be able to offer this new resource to Oregon Veterans and Covered Persons, and expand our services beyond the physical WorkSource centers.”

Source: WorkSource Oregon

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