Portland Expo Center COVID Testing

Beginning today, Portland Expo Center will make site available for COVID-19 testing.

“The Portland Expo Center is proud to continue to provide a space for our healthcare professionals to serve Oregonians in this time of need,” said Matthew Rotchford, Portland Expo Center executive director. “Our agreement with OHSU is through June 2021, with the potential for extension if the community need remains,” he continued.

Vaccinations might be added in the future.

When events can safely resume, jobs return at the visitor venues, wrap around hospitality and tourism partners as well as the small Oregon businesses that exhibit at the Expo Center. These shows and events at Expo provide hobbyists and enthusiasts with affordable family entertainment and outings as well.

Metro and the Portland Expo Center are looking forward to when events can safely resume and jobs can return to the visitor venues to welcome small business partners and events. “Saying it’s been a difficult year for the Expo Center and our visitor venues is an understatement. We have lost hundreds of colleagues in layoffs so it’s particularly meaningful to help make reopening a reality. The path to that reopening is through more testing and vaccines accessibility. It means so much to Metro to be a part of that,” said Marissa Madrigal, Metro’s chief operating officer.

Metro’s visitor venues – Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Zoo, Portland Expo Center and Portland’5 Centers for the Arts – build strong connections to the arts, foster empathy and compassion for wildlife, inspire innovation, and drive commerce. These venues attract significant economic activity to greater Portland and the state, much of it from outside Oregon.

When we are past the threat of the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry will be integral to our nation’s and region’s economic and social recovery. While it may take time, recovery will happen once people feel safe to gather, travel and enjoy the cultural and social enrichment they have sacrificed for the greater good.

Source: METRO

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