Scooter Thief Arrested

Monday afternoon, a Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy who works for Happy Valley Police Department helped stop a scooter thief before he got away.

The victim told deputies the scooter she uses to get around due to a medical condition had been stolen from outside the Pho Zen restaurant at the Happy Valley Town Center.

The victim told deputies she'd only been inside for a few minutes.

Deputies put the word out. A short time later, a City of Happy Valley code enforcement officer noticed a similar scooter being operated by an adult male on the 17000 block of SE Sunnyside Road.

Deputies responded and found the suspect on the scooter, attempting to board a TriMet bus.

Deputies asked 21-year-old Everett Hohl, of Happy Valley, what he was doing. He admitted to deputies he had stolen the scooter. Hohl told deputies "he found it sitting out in the street and since he had a hurt foot he figured he would just take it to get around."

Hohl was placed under arrest.

The scooter was picked up by the code enforcement officer and returned to the owner. She and her husband expressed their appreciation for the quick response and all the help they received from the deputies and vigilant code enforcement officer.

Hohl was booked on first-degree Theft charges.