Police Recover Guns At Demonstration

A demonstration was held last night in Southeast Portland. It started at Laurelhurst Park and the group marched to the Kelly Building at 47th and East Burnside.

Police report there were several vehicles that were supporting the marchers by blocking vehicular traffic. The drivers were warned by officers to move their vehicles. When they did not, the drivers were arrested and the vehicles towed.

Portland Police Bureau issued warnings over loudspeaker advising the crowd to remain off the Kelly Building property.

Many in the group were wearing heavy protective gear, including helmets, gas masks, goggles, and external armor. Some carried shields and reflective squares. The reflective squares were used to reflect police lights back toward officers. Although officers were stationed far back in the parking lot, individuals in the crowd began throwing numerous rocks, eggs, and other items at officers. Some of the items struck police vehicles.

Over loudspeaker, PPB warned people to stop throwing projectiles. Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior including throwing projectiles is subject to arrest, citation, and/or the use of crowd control agents.

After numerous warnings, and with more items thrown at officers, the crowd was advised that the gathering was an unlawful assembly at 10:40p.m. The crowd was directed over loudspeaker to leave the area to the west. Failure to adhere to this order may subject them to arrest, citation, and/or the use of crowd control agents including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons. Few, if any, people in the crowd complied with the direction.

Officers moved the crowd and made several arrests. Two people who were arrested had loaded handguns. One was illegally possessed and resulted in an additional criminal charge. Other person had knives, rocks, and at least one had an expandable baton. Officers recovered homemade "spike strip" devices made from foam noodles and nails (photo). Over the course of a couple of hours, some individuals repeatedly returned. More selective arrests were made where appropriate. By 1:30 a.m., most of those gathered had left the area.

No munitions and no CS gas was deployed by Portland Police officers.

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