Demonstrators Protest Outside ICE Building

An officer was injured during last night's demonstration outside of the ICE building in South Portland.

Here are details from Portland Police:

The group, roughly 200 people, began a march from Elizabeth Caruthers Park, located in the 3500 block of South Moody Avenue, about 10 p.m. The group walked directly to the ICE building in the 4300 block of South Macadam Avenue. Many in the crowd carried shields, wore helmets, gas masks, and body armor.

Within minutes of the crowd arriving, people blocked vehicular traffic on SW Bancroft Street and were seen spray painting and vandalizing the ICE building. One member in the group disabled a camera affixed to the ICE building by shooting a paintball gun towards it. Due to the crowd's criminal behavior, Federal Protection Officers emerged from the building, in an attempt to clear the crowd from the property.

As Federal Protection Officers stood outside of the ICE building, people were seen flashing lasers at their eyes. Others in the crowd were seen throwing projectiles such as eggs, bottles, and rocks at the Federal Protection Officers. One of the Federal Protection Officers was hit with a rock, striking their leg, and injuring them. Due to the seriousness of the crowd's criminal behavior, the incident commander determined that the event was an unlawful assembly.

Warnings were issued over loudspeaker advising the crowd that failure to leave will subject them to arrest and/or the use of crowd control munitions including but not limited to tear gas and impact weapons. The crowd was directed to leave the area to the north. After the crowd was advised to leave several times, most members stayed. Since the crowd did not leave, PPB officers moved in and began to disperse the crowd. During the dispersal, a couple arrests were made. As PPB officers dispersed the crowd to the north, they were struck with rocks thrown at them by the group.

Around 11:35 p.m., the group began walking back south towards the ICE building. Warnings were continually announced over the loudspeaker that the gathering was still an unlawful assembly. As the group walked back towards the ICE building, a couple targeted arrests were made by PPB officers. During these arrests, a crowd member sprayed pepper spray at PPB officers and a fire was started at South Bond Avenue and South Gaines Street. After targeted arrests were made, to reduce the intensity of the situation, PPB officers disengaged. As PPB officers disengaged, people in the group continued to throw rocks at officers.

A group of about 50 people returned to the outside of the ICE building. The group slowly dispersed over the next couple hours. The Portland Police Bureau did not use crowd control munitions or CS (tear) gas.