Is the air in your home healthy?

is the air inside your home HEALTHY?


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Health and safety are on top of mind for everyone right now. So many people are under “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders from local and federal governments during this pandemic. Our homes are becoming our offices and workspaces, our children’s classrooms, our gymnasiums, our restaurants and our family gathering places. The air we breathe is directly related to our health. Therefore, our indoor air quality is becoming of greater concern and importance to all of us.

According to the EPA, “the air inside the average American home is 3-5 times more polluted than outdoor air”  which contributes to the EPA’s findings that “6 out of every 10 American homes are sick!” Therefore many of us experience long lasting colds, coughs, sneezing, snoring, sore throat, allergy symptoms, asthma, headaches, fatigue as well as other health concerns. The air you breathe is directly related to how you feel.

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