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Dog Found After Missing Two Weeks In Cascades

Photo: KATU

Shae Kosmalski took her 14 sled dogs to Frog Lake near Mount Hood for a fall trip. 

Her 8-year-old Husky named Hatcher went missing. 

KATU News reports she did everything possible to find him. "We drove, we put up flyers, we started Facebook campaigns," she said. "I got all the sled dogs to howl and make lots of noise so hopefully he would hear his pack and come in. He didn't."

Kosmalski had to return to her home in Southern Oregon, but volunteers kept searching for Hatcher.

He was found Monday five miles from where he disappeared.

Hatcher had been shot and had to have one of his rear legs removed.

Kosmalski says since Hatcher is a Husky someone might have confused him for a coyote.

Hatcher is expected to recover from the injuries.

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