Douglas DC-3 On Display

The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum has opened its historic Douglas DC-3 static display aircraft for ongoing interior tours. 

You’ll get general aircraft details and background information during each tour, in addition to stories about the history of the Museum’s DC-3.

The tours also honor the 100th anniversary of airmail service in the United States by featuring our DC-3, an aircraft that flew US Air Mail in the late 1930’s. Mail flights helped airlines develop the tools necessary to carry passengers profitably. 

Called “the greatest aircraft ever built” by Museum Development Director Julia Cannell, the DC-3 is known as one of the first modern airliners. The DC-3 instantly made every other passenger aircraft obsolete. Curator Terry Juran names the DC-3 “one of the two most versatile airplanes ever created.”

The Museum’s DC-3A—serial number 1910—has a remarkable pedigree: The 33rd DC-3 built, it was delivered to United Air Lines in 1936, and named “Mainliner Reno.” Currently the second-oldest surviving Douglas DC-3, it was also the first to be fitted with Pratt & Whitney supercharged engines. It has flown more than 15 million passenger miles during its lifetime, equivalent to 30 round-trips between the Earth and the moon.

DC-3 tours are free with Museum admission. Tours run daily, and last approximately 10-15 minutes.

Source: Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

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