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Asteroid To Make Close Pass Near Earth

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 will make a close approach to Earth on Feb. 4, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. PST. 

At the time of closest approach, the asteroid will be no closer than 10 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

The astteroid is an intermediate-sized near-Earth asteroid, somewhere between 0.3 miles and 0.75 miles across. 

It was discovered on Jan. 15, 2002, by the former NASA-sponsored Near Earth Asteroid Tracking project at the Maui Space Surveillance Site on Haleakala, Hawaii. 

The asteroid's velocity at the time of closest approach, 76,000 mph

The high flyby velocity is a result of the asteroid's orbit, which approaches very close to the Sun.

There’s no chance the asteroid will hit the earth.

NASA has more on the asteroid here.

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