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LA County Sheriff's Monterey Park Mass Shooting Response

A story out of the LA Times this morning makes it seem that there's a bunch of people criticizing some of the actions of the L.A. Sheriff's Department in the Monterey Park mass shooting that killed 11 and injured 9 more. But that's not really the case.

The Times says the department is 'facing scrutiny' over the fact that it took five hours for the department to warn the public that a shooter was still on the loose.

The shooting happened at 10:30pm Saturday and it wasn't until a 3:30am press conference on Sunday that L.A. County Sheriff's Capt. Andrew Meyer told reporters that the suspect "fled the scene and remains outstanding."

At a press conference on Monday, Sheriff Luna said:

"When we started putting out public information, the priority was to get this person into custody, so we were very strategic in the way we were putting out information. Ultimately it worked."

According to the Times:

"Horace Frank, a former assistant chief at the Los Angeles Police Department, said typically an agency's first inclination would be to notify the public when a mass shooter is at large. "It is a public safety issue," he said. "The only time you don't do that is when you can articulate specific reasons otherwise. You always err on the side of keeping the public informed if there is a reason for delay, I cannot think of one."

We asked KFI's Steve Gregory, who has long covered stories like this and how they unfold, for his perspective.

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