PBOT fined two contractors who blocked the public right of way in violation of a permit during rush hour, causing significant traffic delays. 

John Brady, Director of Communications at the Portland Bureau of Transportation, says Columbia Construction Service blocked a turn lane and a through lane west of the Burnside Bridge, narrowing the street to one lane westbound during morning rush hour, which caused extreme congestion and delayed public transit.  

PBOT ordered Turner Construction Co. to stop all work in the center lane of SW 12th Avenue, between SW Morrison and SW Alder. The company's permit only allowed the closure of the right lane.

Brady says on top of the $500 dollar monetary fine, the fines are added to the project's building permit, which means if the fines aren't paid, the project can't move ahead with time sensitive building inspections.

Brady says on the public sector side, they've been trying to coordinate their work to minimize traffic impacts as much as possible, and expect the same from their private sector partner's.

Dan Saltzman, City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who oversees PBOT, says, "For a private construction company to block a lane during rush hour, delaying thousands of people and undermining our efforts to reduce traffic congestionis unacceptable. We will hold them accountable." 

Both Columbia Construction Service and Turner Construction were fined in violation of their permits, after PBOT received complaints and photo evidence.