The Faculty at This University Votes to Rescind Trump’s Honorary Degree

posted by The Joe Pags Show -

Six months ago students and graduates of Lehigh University signed a petition urging the school to revoke the honorary degree of President Donald Trump.

It's stories like this that make people wonder if sending their kids to college is worth it. Close to two-thirds of the faculty at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania have voted for the school's board of trustees to rescind President Donald Trump's honorary degree.

They apparently don't like his politics and don't think his values mesh with the university. The university awarded Trump the honorary degree in 1988.

The results will be sent to school trustees who will determine what to do next. If the board does nothing, the faculty will apparently ask for an explanation as to how Trump's statements align with school values.

Is this not the most childish thing you've heard of from a supposed place of higher education? Exactly what message does revoking an honorary degree send? How can we expect members of Congress to be bipartisan and get things done if we can't even get the faculty teaching our kids to do so?