SAC STATE STUDENTS: Smarter Than 5th Graders?

posted by Armstrong and Getty -

Albert Einstein discovered electricity.  

"The Preface" is the document that contains the first 10 amendments to The US Constitution.  

The Civil War was fought in late 1960's.

Those are the answers provided by a handful of Sacramento State students to some very basic questions posed by YouTube guys, Zebadiah Juniel and Jason Simpson.  

The duo's video, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" went viral last year.  But it's worth a revisit, either for laugh or a cry--depending on your point of view.   

Juniel and Simpson told the Sacramento Bee that they like to visit Sac State because, "it’s where all the cuties are at".

Go Hornets...go back to class...and study a bit more, ok!