Best Catch in the Game

      Miami Marlins fans, and one ballpark usher in particular, cheered the catch a ball boy made in a Marlins-Mets game this week.  Trevor Takasc made a diving attempt at a foul ball, going over a three-foot high rail and into the stands to do it.  Okay, the kid let the ball slip from his golf after he hit the concrete, but usher Stephen Garcia is grateful he made the effort.  When you watch the video, check out Garcia (in the white shirt) behind the ball boy.  He would have taken one right in the coconut had the Trevor not saved him, in the usher’s words, “big time”. 



  1. When does a picture of a fish go viral?

A.    When the fish has a frog in its throat.


Australian fisherman Angus James pulled in a good sized jungle perch in far North Queensland, and noticed an extra pair of eyes when he went to remove the lure.  Turned out it was a tree frog that jumped to freedom seconds after James snapped this amazing photo, which has now been seen and commented on by hundreds of thousands of fish/frog/photo fans. 


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