On Monday, January 13, 2014, at 5:26 p.m., Washington County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian in the 19200 block of SW Elwert Road northwest of Sherwood.

Deputies and fire personnel arrived and determined that the pedestrian, 62-year-old Joan Carol Deyoung-Burklund, was deceased at the scene. The driver, 30-year-old Wesley Crockett of Forest Grove, remained at the scene and fully cooperated with Sheriff's deputies.

Members of the Washington County Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team responded to investigate the crash. After talking to witnesses and investigating the crash scene, their preliminary investigation determined that Crockett was driving his pick up truck north on SW Elwert Road near SW Schroeder Lane. This is an unlit, rural county road, with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour. According to the driver of the car directly behind  Crocket, he was driving in a normal manner, at or below the speed limit.

Crockett was not able to see Deyoung-Burklund until the last second. He tried to swerve to avoid her, but stuck her with the right-front side of his truck. He called 911 along with another driver that witnessed the crash. Investigators are speculating that Deyoung-Burklund was crossing the street to get the mail from her mailbox when she was struck.

Investigators do not believe that alcohol or drugs on the part of the driver were a factor in this crash. Crocket was not issued any citations and is not being charged with any crimes at this time. Deyoung-Burklund's next of kin have been notified.