A woman in Beaverton called police when she was called by a man who identified himself as a deputy sheriff and claimed her husband had a warrant for his arrest.

When the officer contacted the victim he was told that she had received a phone call Tuesday evening. The male caller identified himself as a Deputy Sherriff and told her that her husband had a warrant for his arrest. The suspect went on to tell the victim that she needed to get a prepaid Green Dot credit card in the amount of $886.48 to clear the warrant and keep her husband from being arrested. Once she had the card she needed to meet the suspect at a local store and give it to him. The suspect threatened to come to her house and arrest her husband if she did not bring him the prepaid credit card.

The Vitim did the right thing by calling the police and not meeting this person. No law Enforcement agency will ever call you demanding money to clear a warrant. We are advising anyone who gets a call like this to call the police immediately. Do not send money or meet anyone in regards to this scam. If you have a warrant for your arrest a Law Enforcement Officer is required to take you into custody and cannot take any type of payment to clear the warrant.

There have been other reports in the Metro area with similar circumstances. If it happens to you contact your local police department.