TriMet and its Transit Police Division use community policing to reduce and discourage crime on the transit system. Key partnerships and a neighborhood approach to crime prevention, along with Transit Police strategies and TriMet security tools, will make our system even safer for our riders and employees. This includes using our reported crime statistics for 2013 to give us added direction for our security efforts. Today the agency is releasing its finalized 2013 reported crime statistics, and as the preliminary figures indicated, the final figures show reported crime down more than 25 percent system wide. To riders and employees, what does that mean?

Bus: One reported crime in every 255,000 rides
 On TriMet buses, there was one reported crime in every 255,000 trips in 2013. Reported crime dropped 24 percent from 304 in 2012 to 230 last year.

MAX: One reported crime in every 91,378 rides
 On MAX, there was one reported crime in every 91,378 trips taken. Reported crimes on the MAX dropped by 27 percent to 419 in 2013 from 574 the previous year. Most of the incidents involved property crimes such as theft.

WES: Zero reported crimes in 476,870 rides
WES Commuter Rail had no reported crimes last year, and only one the year before.

News release: TriMet