The worldwide fame of Multnomah County reality star kitten "Sir Stuffington" has spilled over into great benefits for his fellow felines.

In less than two weeks since the tale of the recovering one-eyed kitty took off off on the Internet, donations to Multnomah County Animal Services to care for other foster animals have totaled more than $3,000.

And Animal Services also has created "kitten care kits" to go home with foster parents for the thousands of cats that come into the shelter (1700 W. Columbia River Hwy.) each year. The kits include food, kitty litter, bottles for kittens that need them and medical supplies, if needed,

Sir Stuffington, whose Facebook page created by his foster mom now has more than 42,000 "likes", represents all the animals brought into the shelter that depend on foster parents to nurse them to health, said Animal Services director Mike Oswald.

"Community support like the foster parenting program is a huge part of the great gains we've had at Animal Services in our live release rates for cats and dogs,'' Oswald said.  "Sir Stuffington shows how much difference any one person can make, through fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating."

To learn how to be a foster parent for an animal in need, please go to
Sir Stuffington was brought in off the streets to the shelter on Sept. 13 with two of his siblings. All three kittens had physical problems; among Sir Stuffington’s problems were a disfigured jaw and the loss of one eye.

Happily, the plucky trio received both excellent treatment for their ailments and an incredible foster parent in Blazer Schaeffer.

Professional photos of Sir Stuffington are available with proceeds benefiting Multnomah County Animal Services' Dolly's Fund, a special donation fund that helps pay for extra medical care for animals that require it.