City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade is releasing the results of the 23rd annual Community Survey of Portland residents.  The survey asks a random sample of residents to rate Public Safety, Public Utilities, Transportation, Parks and Recreation, and Community Development provided by the City of Portland. 
"The purpose of our community survey is to provide the public and the policy makers with information about resident satisfaction with City services," City Auditor Griffin-Valade said.  "We encourage Council and bureau managers to study differences in community perceptions included in the survey and to consider where improvements in services are needed."
Residents rate specific services, but also how well they feel City government is doing its job overall.  This year, 50 percent of residents say the City government is doing very good or good overall.  That's down from 62 percent of residents in 2009.
While the overall rating of City government is down from 2009, 80 percent of residents felt positively about city livability, and 88 percent felt positively about their own neighborhood's livability.  Overall ratings of fire and emergency, police, and 9-1-1 services remained positive this year, and residents also felt as safe in their neighborhoods and parks during the day as they did in 2009.
This year, 9,434 surveys were mailed, and 3,352 surveys were returned - for a 36 percent response rate. 
"We want to thank the thousands of Portlanders who took the time to complete and return the survey," Auditor Griffin-Valade said.
The full report, with highlights and the complete results citywide, as well as broken out into geographic areas of the city, is available at the following link: