As a complement to Portland’s 70 percent recycling rate, the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has proposed to lower or maintain rates for residential curbside collection for most Portland customers. City Council is expected to approve this rate change on May 28. 

This is the second year in a row that Portland has lowered costs for residential garbage, recycling and compost collection, thanks to increased operating efficiencies by garbage and recycling companies. 

Every year, the City sets residential garbage, recycling and composting collection rates based on a thorough evaluation of what it costs to provide these services to residents. The proposed rates for 2014-2015 continue to provide incentives that hold down costs for customers with smaller containers or less-frequent service. This policy provides an incentive for customers to reduce their garbage generation and to compost and recycle as much as possible. 

Over 40 percent of customers in Portland have a 35 gallon roll cart and their rate will decrease from $29.50 to $29.35 per month. The proposed rates for both the 60 and 90 gallon carts will also decrease. The lower cost for the larger containers will assist customers needing additional garbage capacity to “right size” their containers.

Since changes to the curbside collection service went into effect in 2011, Portland residents have reduced garbage going to the landfill by 37 percent, while increasing composting and recycling. 

New rates can be found by calling your garbage and recycling company or at