Firefighters from Lake Oswego were alerted around 3:15am Tuesday to a fire alarm at La Provence Restaurant located at 16350 Boones Ferry Road.

When Truck 211 from Jean Road fire station arrived, they noticed smoke coming from the roof and immediately requested additional resources. While more fire units were enroute, T 211 evaluated the situation and found that the restaurant was charged with smoke and came up with a plan to attack the fire.

When firefighters went inside, it took about 20 minutes to locate the source of the smoke which was a fire inside a wall space next to the kitchen. One single sprinkler head kept the fire in check until firefighters were able to completely extinguish it.

"Without this sprinkler system, the fire would have been way worse than the water damage it did" Fire Marshall Gert Zoutendijk said. Damage estimates are believed to be around $25,000.