The Portland Police Bureau Sex Crimes Unit detectives met Tuesday with the 22-year-old sexual assault victim who previously told investigators that a stranger sexually assaulted her in Grant Park on January 28, 2014.

During the interview, the victim admitted to investigators that the suspect in the sexual assault was not a stranger. The victim admitted to falsely providing a suspect description to the Forensic Sketch Artist, which led to detectives releasing the sketch to the public.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident and have not made any arrests.

Based on this new information, the suspect sketch is being withdrawn, Crime Stoppers of Oregon is withdrawing its offer of a reward, and detectives do not believe there is any risk to the public.

The Portland Police Bureau Sex Crimes Unit thoroughly investigates all claims of sexual assault and works closely with victim advocates to assist victims through an often difficult process.

The Portland Police Bureau works with the Sexual Assault Resource Center of Oregon (SARC) and we want you to know that you need not be alone as a survivor of a sexual assault. SARC has a 24-hour support line at (503) 640-5311.

Additionally, the Portland Police Bureau WomenStrength and GirlStrength programs provide free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area.

To learn more information about WomenStrength and GirlStrength, call (503) 823-0260 or visit

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Detective Katie Manus at (503) 823-3774 or