Andy Duyck has a long history with the Washington County Board of Commissioners.  He was first elected to the board in 1994.  He has served four terms as a commissioner representing District 4 which includes the cities of Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Cornelius and points west. In 2010, he was elected as County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Duyck is running for a second term as county chair.

Duyck owns a manufacturing business that he started in 1983 near Forest Grove which manufactures machined components for many local industries and employs 15 people. He also owns and operates a farm in the Verboort area.

Here's the statement released by Duyck's campaign:

Washington County Chair Andy Duyck announced Wednesday that he is seeking a second term as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. Duyck is working to expand on the progress made in Washington County in recent years, with a focus on economic growth, job creation, and livability. “I have strived to create a county government that is user-friendly, fiscally responsible and responsive to both residents and businesses,” said Chair Duyck.

Duyck is asking voters for four more years as Chair of the Board of Commissioners. “It is no accident that we are a leader in Oregon for job creation and wage levels,” he said. “My colleagues and I have diligently laid the groundwork for the largest level of private sector investment in the state, creating an enormous ripple effect on our local and state economy. I want to continue creating a business-friendly environment that is welcoming to employers because family wage jobs are the backbone of a thriving economy.”

Throughout his nearly two decades of service in Washington County, Chair Duyck has placed a high priority on the long-term financial stability of the county. “We run a tight ship and have seen the benefits that maintaining a balanced budget can bring,” said Duyck. “One of those benefits is the ability to contribute $10 million to support our fast growing schools.”

“Washington County’s main asset is livability,” said Duyck. “Whether it is family-wage jobs, well-maintained roads, quality schools or recreational opportunities, my goal is to lead a government that improves livability and quality of life for our residents.”

Chair Duyck is known for his ability to bring parties together to solve complex problems. He led intergovernmental efforts to solve a longstanding and complex land issue annexing West Bonny Slope into Washington County from Multnomah County. A rare occurrence, this boundary change was the collaboration between the two counties, Metro Regional Government and the State of Oregon, allowing residents of the area to have access to drinking water and sewer services.

“I appreciate Andy’s collaborative and regional approach to leading Washington County. Simply put, we need Andy’s leadership at the table as we continue to grow our economy,” said Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle.

In addition to his work on the Board of Commissioners, Chair Duyck is a small business owner employing 30 people. He founded Duyck Machine, Inc. in 1983, which manufactures machined components for many local industries and is located near Forest Grove, Oregon. Duyck also owns and manages a farm in Verboort, Oregon.

Chair Duyck is endorsed by Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax, Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey, Sherwood Mayor Bill Middleton, and Tigard Mayor John Cook.

Chair Duyck also serves on the Westside Economic Alliance, Washington County Visitors Association and the Metro Policy Advisory Committee. He and his wife have seven children and live in Forest Grove.