Wednesday evening, Sheriff's deputies responded to the 15900 block of SW Gilmore Ct. on a report of a bullet hole in the complainant's wall.

Deputies were investigating the bullet hole when they heard a gunshot inside a neighbor's house.  They saw two bullet holes in the side of the house where they heard the shot.  They later found a second bullet hole in thee victim's house.  Deputies decided to call out members of the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) and the Washington County Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT).

Most of the neighbors in the surrounding houses were evacuated.  While Sheriff's deputies were evacuating the neighbors they found another house that was hit by a bullet.  No one was hit inside the house.

Deputies tried to communicate with people inside the suspect house for several hours.  Eventually they were able to get a hold of 41-year-old Alisha Mannis and HNT members were able to talk her out of the house.  Sheriff's detectives interviewed Mannis and determined that she was not injured and was the most likely person to have fired the weapon.

Deputies received permission from Mannis to search the house.  They initially used a robot to search the house for other people and eventually the house was completely cleared by TNT members. They located the gun they think Mannis fired.

Detectives arrested Mannis for Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Recklessly Endangering Another Person, she was booked into the Washington County jail.

Mannis had been drinking alcohol and investigators believe this was a factor in last night's incident.